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“World’s Laziest Copywriter” Reveals His “Career Secret” To Cheating At Copywriting & marketing!

CONFIDENTIAL Copy Cheat Sheet Contains: The Only 37 Plug-And-Play Templates You’ll Ever Need To Launch A High Converting Funnel!

Plus…The Weird Copy Psychology Mind Tricks He Uses To Earn $1,697.34 From EVERY Email He Sends!

Not only does Conor Get email marketing. He GETS copywriting.

Russell Brunson Dot Com Secrets

WARNING: This Cheating Copywriter Swears On His Mother’s Life That His Secret Strategy Does NOTRequire Any Blackhat, Illegal Or Unethical Tactics… Even If It Does Make People Helpless To Stop Themselves From Emptying Their Wallets AND Buying ALL His Offers!

Conor Lynch here…

In only a moment I’m giving up the goods on the most powerful collection of marketing tools I’ve accumulated over almost 15 years online.

But first, I need to answer the one absolutely critical question that MOST newbies never think to ask…

Just How Important Is Good Copy, REALLY?

If you ask any “A” level marketer on Earth, they will tell you that copywriting is the most important but overlooked skill in their arsenal.

It bridges the gap between your offer, and an increasingly skeptical, hard to reach market. So that when you launch you’re 100% confident you’ll be in the money.

Let’s look at the numbers, starting with email:

When your email copy is strong, the income you can harvest from your list is almost ridiculous…

4300% ROI

According to the Direct Marketing Association, every $1 you spend on email will return over $43 in profit. Now – how happy would you be if you could invest $100 today, and earn $4,300 by tomorrow?

Spend $1, Earn $43

In 4 Days, I Did $5,092.00 In Commissions From THREE Emails…

With Just ONE Good Email You Can…

Sky High Open And Click Through Rates?

With our email secret you can write a high converting message in 15 minutes…

…And Get Results Like This:

Sales Pages That Turn Clicks Into Cold Hard cash

Imagine writing a sales letter in an afternoon, then launching the same day…

And Getting Results Like This…

When your copy is rock solid, you’ll witness sales start to roll in almost instantly.

The #1 Reason You’re NOT Making Money Online Today…

Your Copy Isn’t Converting!

Ask yourself this…

Do You Hate Writing Copy More Than A Root Canal?

Are You Struggling To Come Up With Even Mediocre Copy Ideas?

Is Selling With Copy Tougher Than A $2 Steak?

Do You Have No Clue How To Engage Your Readers?

Do You Fear You’ll Never Be A Strong Copywriter?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, don’t worry. You’re in excellent company –  I’ve experience ALL those feelings at one point or another.

What If EVERY Obstacle To Copywriting Success WasSuddenly Eliminated?

What if you could…

Launch A High Converting Sales Funnel & Email Sequence In A Fraction Of The Time & Effort.

Never Write Another Email Or Sales Letter From Scratch Again.

Never Struggle To Come Up With Another Copy Idea.

Never Get Stuck With Writer’s Block – Staring At A Blank Page.

Have An Endless Supply Of High Converting Copy.

Have Professionally Written Emails To Send EVERY DAY Without Fail.

Have The Perfect Sales Page For EVERY Situation.

Stop Stressing About Writing Copy, Start Earning.

I know you’re skeptical – but it’s 100% possible.

This World Class Copywriter Is Saving You With A World Class Confession… 

Conor has written copy for some of the biggest marketers online.

Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys

Brittany Lynch

Brittany Lynch

Tim Castleman

Tim Castleman

I’ve written hundreds of marketing emails in just this year alone.

700+ Emails In 2014

Plus dozens of high converting sales letters.

50+ Sales Letters In 2014

I’ve written for Niches as varied as…

  • Real estate.
  • Weight loss.
  • B2B Software.
  • Investment.
  • Internet Marketing.
  • Kindle.
  • Dating.
  • Career development.
  • Survival.
  • Raw food.
  • Time management.

My email copy converts…

My sales copy converts even better…

My Darkest Secret: I’ve Cheated At Copywriting For Years

It’s true, and I’m not sorry.

At one point it took me hours to write a single email. Weeks to write a sales letter. I’d struggle to come up with an angle, and suffer through placing each word on the page.

The only reason I kept going? I was broke and I had no other choice.

Then I had a breakthrough.

I Noticed Patterns In My MOST Successful Emails And Sales Letters

I discovered my best performing emails and sales letters shared at MOST a few dozen basic patterns. These patterns could be repeated over and over – for different offers in different niches.

Proven Over THOUSANDS Of Mailings
And HUNDREDS Of Split Tests!

At first I worried that it was a fluke, but after digging deeper I found that these hidden patterns repeated themselves over ALL of my copy. Literally thousands of emails and hundreds of sales pages in total. No matter what, they always worked.

The offer you’re about to see stats for went on to sell over 3,000 units at $27!

That’s when I made a decision that changed everything.

I Stopped Playing Fair – I Stopped Writing Copy From Scratch

I turned my very best “persuasion patterns” into a hardcore set of 36 proven email templates and 1 master sales letter template. So whenever I need to send an email or launch a new offer, all I have to do is fill in the blanks.

Any offer. Any Niche. I have a template that WILL work.

For Internet Marketing…

For Cosmetics…

For Muscle Gain…

Go From START To LAUNCH In 15 Minutes!

With These Templates ANYONE Can STOP Stressing And START Earning Passive Income Even If You…

  • Have No Technical Skills.
  • Have No Writing Skills.
  • Hate Writing.
  • Have Never Had ANY Marketing Success
  • Are A Total IM Newbie.
  • Have A Tiny List…
  • Or Don’t Have A List At All.

Now I’m Opening My Vault And Giving My BEST Copywriting Templates To You!


You Get The Dragon Slayer
My Master Sales Letter Template…

  • Part 1 – “Shock And Awe”

Grab the reader’s attention with a spell binding hook and headline, using a psychological “force of nature” that no man or woman can resist.

  • Part 2 – “Raising The Curtain”

Create instant urgency that forces your prospect to read NOW not later, so that your message becomes the most important thing on their minds.

  • Part 3 – “Point Out The Trap”

Effortlessly agitate your niche’s biggest pains, fears and anxieties like a thousand African “killer bees” swarming their body.

  • Part 4 – “Grant Forgiveness”

In one stroke you can eliminate self doubt from the mind of your prospect, and take them from a “give up” frame to “take action” and then “buy now”!

  • Part 5 – “The Promised Land”

Give the reader a brief glimpse of their “ideal life” that could be within their grasp if they only follow along – exploding their desire for your offer.

  • Part 6 – “The Fatal Error”

Spin the reader’s head with a revelation so Earth shattering, it will position you immediately as a trusted authority on any topic.

  • Part 7 – “The Magic Weapon”

Take even the most ordinary product or service and grant it “legendary” status and almost magical appeal to your target market.

  • Part 8 – “Slaying The Dragon”

Make the benefits of your offer as real in the mind of the reader as the air they breathe, or the Earth beneath their feet.

  • Part 9 – “Toy Soldiers”

Create “iron clad” proof that ANYONE can achieve results with your offer, so your reader lets go of ALL skepticism and becomes hungry to buy.

  • Part 10 – “Humble Pie”

Swallow your pride while making the results the prospect can expect from your product or service a foregone conclusion – eliminating ALL doubt.

  • Part 11 – “The Product”

Skyrocket desire for your offer to emotional peaks that overwhelm the prospect’s “buyer resistance” and instantly transform them into a customer.

  • Part 12 – “Bullets”

Discover the secret to writing feature bullets that hit their mark every time, landing with the force and accuracy of an U.S. Marine Corp scout sniper!

  • Part 13 – “Price Anchors”

Make the price of your offer seem so cheap, and so affordable that anyone reading would literally be insane if they didn’t buy.

  • Part 14 – “Objections”

Flip objections to your offer on their head as easily as a world class chef might flip an omelette, so your prospect has no excuse not to buy.

  • Part 15 – “Scarcity”

Light a fire under your prospect’s butt, by threatening to pull the rug out from under their most cherished hopes and dreams.

  • Part 16 – “Urgency”

Use this “fast fuse” technique to annihilate complacency, and shift readers from “maybe” to a buying decision in under 20 seconds.

  • Part 17 – “Risk Reversal”

Eliminate any hesitation the prospect might have left by removing every ounce of risk from the transaction, so they buy immediately.

  • Part 18 – “Fork In The Road”

Force the reader to a decision in your favour by making them confront their worst nightmares with this powerful sales letter closer!



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